I’m in the process of doing my son’s first year scrapbook.  For some reason that most scrapbookers understand but can’t explicitly describe, I unconsciously restrict myself to working on first-year layouts only.  It’s hard to start working on other projects when I set my mind on a project.  So I ignore all photos taken past his first birthday and plan to get to them later.

But on new year’s eve, my son cracked us up by dragging this heavy and large diaper bag everywhere with him, all day long.  As I snapped photos, a perfect tagline formed in my head, BYOD, Bring Your Own Diapers!  I knew at that moment I needed to get this layout done, even though it’s outside of the first year timeline.  It’s such a liberating thought. YES, I can do layouts that don’t belong to his first year.  Just stick it into a separate album, silly!

After I was happy with the photos size and arrangement in InDesign, I switched to photoshop to finish the sketch.  That’s unusual for me as I rarely use Photoshop to sketch.  I felt the need because the background paper I’d chosen had a big owl design in the corner, and I wanted to consider it in the design.  I tried to draw the owl in InDesign but failed miserably.  Anyhow, This is what it looked like in photoshop:

The owl is just the impression of it, which
is more than enough for sketching purposes.
Very close to the sketch. The title was printed and fuzzy cut.
I made the toothpick flags.  They’re popular right now but they’re so easy to make I don’t feel like spending money
on them.  It took me no more than a couple of minutes to finish these two.
Cardstock: DCWV Green Stack
Small Alpha: Lillybee Design
Date Label: My Mind’s Eye Lost and Found Two
Washi Tapes: cutetape.com

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