How to use 6×6 paper, part 2 of 2 – { 11 months }

I discussed using four 6×6 papers in a traditional 12×12 page – quadrant style -

in my previous post, and how it’s takes a little work to carefully align the paper for gluing. A quicker way, which this post is about, is to use Becky Higgins pocket protectors Design E. Design E has four 6×6 photo pockets.

Using the same 6×6 paper pad from My Mind’s Eye, Follow My Heart Collection, also the only 6×6 pad I have haha, I grabbed 4 that go well together, glued photos and simple embellishments, and voile I was done with half of the layout in minutes! Actually I had to trim the papers a little bit because the pockets are slightly smaller than 6×6 like all other Becky Higgins pockets. I saved the left half for future photos which I should get to this weekend. Since my 6×6 papers are double sided, the flip side’s foundation is all done too, just waiting for photos.

The point of this post is not to showcase the design (or the lack thereof). I really just wanted to show how easy it is to foundation two backgrounds. I love Design E even more than Design A, and I can’t believe they’re not more popular! So next time when Design A is out of stock, consider Design E.

This is a regular 4×6 photo cropped to a square.
An instagram photo. This layout is perfect for them!


  1. soapHOUSEmama wrote:

    This turned out great! SO makes me want to grab up those page protectors! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. madeline wrote:

    Cool. Double sided papers work well for this!

  3. norma g wrote:

    great papers!

  4. Kat wrote:

    I may have to try this, it looks super fun and easy to use all four different patterns to make one page! TFS

  5. Patricia wrote:

    Love how this looks! Thanks for the idea!

  6. Tammy wrote:

    I love these page protectors! I have a bunch and love to use them to produce some quick layouts. And I love the idea of just having space for some pretty paper! I need to do that for some of my favorite designs. You still have photos and journaling, but there’s space for the paper to just be too. Love it! :)

  7. Gorgeous pages! I actually didn’t know there were 6×6 photo pockets!

  8. Great Idea! I have a bunch of 6×6 pads sitting around getting dust… Now I need to break them out!