Rub-on Alphabets Tips – { A Toddler’s Pinterest Board}

Pinterest is so popular, especially in the scrapbooking or design communities. I’ve been wondering, what would my toddler son pin if he could? This would be a fun way to record what he likes as a scrapbook page!

It sounds like a simple concept, but I can’t imagine pulling it off in such a short period of time without Adobe InDesign. Alignment is where InDesign shines. I can easily divide a page into equal-width columns, and the photo frames snap into the guides so that they’re of equal width. It’s also easier to drop photos and adjust photo sizes in InDesign than Photoshop.  If you have InDesign and not sure what it does, I encourage you to look up some tutorials. It’s really easy to learn, and has great intro classes for free, and that’s all I needed to know for scrapbooking.

I downloaded printed Pinterest logo on a transparency. It’s pretty cool, because you can still see the background paper, as if the logo was a rub-on.  The subtitle alphabets, except for the “MAXWELL” part, were all rubbed on. Rubbing on a long phrase is tricky, since its impossible to know where to start to center the phrase. My solution was to use a scrap transparency, put it over the rub-on alphas, and trace the letters to see how long the whole thing was going to be.

It’s a little hard to see, but I traced the letters onto the scrap transparency.


Then I centered the strip onto the page, and used it as a guide.

Here’s the finished layout-



  1. Erica wrote:

    So cute! You have some of the ‘funnest’ layouts!

  2. This is the CUTEST idea!
    I love it. :)

  3. soapHOUSEmama wrote:

    this is so adorable!!!!!

  4. What fun idea, the layout looks great!

  5. Jingle wrote:

    Great layout!

  6. madeline wrote:

    OMgosh…that is such a great idea…and an adorable layout!

  7. Thatnisna terrific idea and very creative thinking

  8. gale wrote:

    Oh wow, this is so clever!! I love it-and your pics are just adorable.

  9. Rozette wrote:

    so stinkin cute! I am gonna have to check out that adobe thingy.