So Happy Together

I’ve finally finished and uploaded the video project I’ve been working on for 3+ weeks now. I’m so excited and happy it’s over with and I can finally go back to scrap more.

This page was done over a week ago. While I was waiting for the computer to render the video, I said to myself, I need to scrap, I need to scrap, I need to scrap…

The problem was since my computer was tied up doing video processing, the CPU couldn’t handle anything else — not even the web browser, much less lightroom or any photo editing program. This presented a problem since I almost always printed photos when I’m ready to scrap, knowing exactly what sizes of to print, how many of them, border or not, and what post-processing style that’ll better match the paper.

So you can see my struggle that night. I felt helpless without my lightroom, photoshop or bridge. I resorted to my photo box where I stored a bunch of 4×6 photos before I became a scrapbooker. These photos were printed from a pro lab, so the quality was pristine, but I’m just not a big 4×6 scrapbooker. Well, the heck with it, I thought. I picked 2 photos and just started working.

I was happy to use American Crafts Chap papers. They’re my favorite boys’ line to date. They work amazingly well with October Afternoon Rocket Age, so I threw some there too. October Afternoon is slightly more muted, offering a great bridge to My Minds Eye collections. It’s a simple page, only taking me two nights to finish and take photos. That’s record speed for me, people! Not two full nights, but breaks here and there between video editing and rendering.

Why the title “So happy together”? Besides the fact that’s how I feel whenever I’m with my son, it’s also one of the background songs in the video so it was stuck in my head at that time haha.

Signing off for bed. I seriously need to get some sleep. Thanks for visiting, and I’ll post about the video tomorrow or the day after.


  1. Aw, that’s a cute layout! Love the photos!

  2. aaahhh what a sweet layout! the pic is adorable

  3. So adorable!
    I love the title and all the lovely layers.

  4. Tracy :) wrote:

    Your layout is so lovely.
    Great photos. Love the one of you and that precious baby, look at those smiles :)
    I don’t use a photo editing program…don’t know how, and don’t care to learn, lol.

  5. Nirupama wrote:

    Great idea to combine Rocket Age and Chap. Those are two of my favorite boy lines. I like the embellishments in Chap more than the papers, they seem less saturated somehow?
    This layout is definitely a happy one.

  6. Patricia wrote:

    Oh, this is gorgeous, and I especially love those photos of you both with your son…definitely a very happy layout, one you want to keep looking at!