Lytro – A New Kind of Camera

This is really cool.  Lytro is a camera that features this new technology, light field, that enables you to change the focus AFTER a photo is taken.  Just point and shoot, and select the focal point on your computer.


The technology being so new, the image quality isn’t that great.  But it’s perfect for close-up shots especially food.  How many times have you taken a shot of a dish, only wanting to see the red wine braised mushrooms on the back, instead of the chicken leg in the front?  It’s especially handy if you’re doing Project Life 365, a picture a day, or if you just take photos of daily objects all the time.  I don’t know how many times I wish I focused on something else instead during post processing.

Here are a few good examples.  Just single click on the point of the photo that you want to focus, wait for a few seconds for it to process.  Don’t double click which will just zoom in. The keyboard example is especially obvious!

My son was kind enough to model and pose for us. Try to focus on his eye and then his finger. See the dramatic focus change.


  1. Penny Arnold wrote:

    I think this is really cool, I know this would have saved a few of my shots! Love Penny

  2. soapHOUSEmama wrote:

    Well, that IS totally cool!!!

  3. minhsao wrote:

    Oh Cool !!! Did you get one of those?? oh… amazing!!!

  4. Patricia wrote:

    Oh my, another camera toy! How cool is that.