Two Ways to Use 6×6 Paper On A 12×12 Layout, Part 1 – { 11 Months }

Lately there have been a lot of people on 2peas forum asking what to do with 6×6 paper pads. I recently got my first 6×6 pad of My Mind’s Eye – Follow Your Heart collection, wanting to try out the smaller-scaled patterns and to reduce paper waste. I also saw this card layout from kesiArt blog and fell in love with it, and wanted to change it into a 12×12 layout.

card inspiration 1

Although it seemed like an easy idea, I pondered on this design for a long time… 5 weeks to be exact. Where would I put my photos? Smack down in the center like this card? But I like multiple photos layouts. Do I put four photos in the middle? But that’s like 4  on 4, much too square to my liking.

Then I saw this beautiful sketch from Elle studio:

card inspiration 2

As soon as I saw that, I decided I’m just gonna ignore the quadrant design and lay my photos wherever I want as if using a plain background. In hindsight it’s an obvious solution to an easy problem. What was I thinking this whole time? So here it is, a very simple layout that I thought hard and long for 5 weeks!

Websters Sparkler. I really love those!

Can you tell this stamp was stamped on a piece of paper and cut out? My original stamp on the background was messed up, so I used this trick to cover it up.

Simple as this layout, it was still somewhat time consuming to carefully align the 4 mini paper onto the background cardstock. A much faster way… you know what, it’s half an hour past midnight, I can barely keep my eyes open, and my son is probably gonna wake up crying soon. So I’m going to leave this post here and make a separate post tomorrow. Stay tuned!


-Pretty much everything you see is from My Mind’s Eyes Follow My Heart collection, 6×6 paper pad and a sheet of chipboard elements


  1. So cute! I really love this idea. I have plenty of 6×6 stacks that are just laying to the side not being used.

  2. Tammy wrote:

    Adorable layout and the photos are precious. I love my 6×6 paper pads and finding ways to use them in my 12×12 layouts. This is a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. soapHOUSEmama wrote:

    I can so relate to thinking and pondering a layout!!! I love what you have done here!

  4. Cori in WA wrote:

    Your “error repair” was a great one… it added some wonderful color balance to a very fun and happy l/o.

  5. Great card and layout!! Love the pictures.

  6. madeline wrote:

    Beautiful! No one would have known you made a stamping boo-boo. The coverup looks purposeful!

  7. Jingle wrote:

    These are great!

  8. Diana Fisher wrote:

    Here is the link to the picture of the mini frittatas in the picture on my blog. :)

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Your site (and work) is lovely!!

  9. Marit wrote:

    Some layouts may look simple but I know from experience that the ‘thinking’ can take a lot of time… so you’re not the only one! I love the way you put the photos – it make it really ‘finished.’ And such a sweetie-pie… aah… have a happy weekend!

  10. I love the quadrant background. I just did a layout like this recently and loved it as well. Love your balance of patterns as well.

  11. LisaE wrote:

    Beautiful layout. I love 6×6 paper pads.

  12. Mary Jo wrote:

    Absolutely adorable! Love how you used the 6×6 paper :)

  13. Tracy :) wrote:

    Great layout. I like how you combined the two sketches. Awesome.
    Thank you for leaving me such sweet comments on my blog.
    To answer your question, I am not totally sure how long it took me to colour the background paper I stamped. I was watching tv at the time. 1.2 hour to an hour I am guessing.

  14. [...] Two Ways to Use 6×6 Paper On A 12×12 Layout, Part 1 – { 11 Months } [...]

  15. Nirupama wrote:

    I really love this. I have to try this. You mixed everything so artfully.

  16. Tina Walker wrote:

    Hi…thank you so much for the kind comment on my ‘summer bloom’ layout. You were asking about the source of the photo. I’m not sure. I looked back on Pretty Little Studio’s blog, and it wasn’t there either. Perhaps you could send them an email and ask. BTW – this layout is adorable. Love the MME product :) and the design is simple, yet elegant.

  17. Janna Werner wrote:

    Uuuh love this layout!!